Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Novel Way To Savour Fruits

I must go and try this..

By Hazlinda Hamzah

SUBANG JAYA, (Bernama) -- Banana slices, green apples and fresh whole strawberries coated in natural chocolate or white chocolate, appear tempting.

Not only that, they are generously topped with shredded roasted almonds, grated coconut, coloured rice or chocolate rice, making one drool.

Moreover, an assortment of these deliciously dipped cut fruits are attractively presented in a box to take away as gifts, if not for one to sink their teeth into at snack time with the whole family.

"A welcome alternative for those wanting to serve fruits as a dessert and a healthy sweet snack for children, a 2-in-1 tantalizing offering after a balanced meal," said a young mother, Sabrina Alias, 26, who was met at the newly opened Fruit Rebel outlet recently.

Reasonably priced, these chocolate coated fruit slices are sold at RM14 for an assortment pack of six pieces and many were seen sampling before buying some.

The locally owned Fruit Rebel outlet, the first of its kind in Malaysia promotes fruits as part of the healty diet by presenting fruits in a more tantalising manner.


"Our first outlet in the Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya has an array of dipped fruit choices. We use the best fruit choices available both local and imported.

"Our fruits among others come from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa and some are locally grown and they must be fresh, and of good quality and grade too.

"We need to dip fruits of the right size and texture for the coating to set well and later decorate them with the various toppings of choice.

"We see heads turn when we dip our banana slices in chocolate," said Sandra Ooi Lay Hoon, CEO of Sapientra Resources Sdn. Bhd, the owner of Fruit Rebel, to Bernama.

The Fruit Rebel brand was founded by Mohd Faizal Ahmad, 35, who is also the Managing Director.

"From our observation, our products have their own followers. Boys prefer the bananas dipped in white chocolate, the girls tend to choose the brown chocolate coated green apples and our adult customers seem to enjoy the bananas more than the other fruits.

"When we first started, we tried fruits of all kinds. And not all were suitable to be coated with chocolate. So we decided on three main fruits only for a start. We are grateful that the response towards our products is encouraging," Ooi, who is also co-partner of Fruit Rebel explained.

The chocolate used for dipping is locally sourced, a made-in-Malaysia brand.

A teenager, Raneiah A. Rahman, 13, when met at the outlet said:" I like the white chocolate coated strawberries and apples with coloured sprinkles. They look so pretty and taste good. I will not have known that they are fruits if had I tasted them blindfolded.

"I would recommend eating them to my school friends. This is a healthier alternative to eating doughnuts and other sweet desserts," he said.

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