Friday, April 27, 2012

Rangkuman aktiviti minggu lepas dan minggu ini..


I have no idea what to write actually.. but I just want to share what me and my husband did last week and this week..

Last week, we had a steamboat dinner at BBQ Steamboat, Kuang..

As we are not the 'kuat makan' type.. RM20 per person was so not worth it... haha..

Then, yesterday.. we had burger YB..

It was different from what we've ordered.. well, the owner said that the unexpected crowd made them 'kelam kabut'.. so they can only served the regular burger.. actually I ordered 250 gm mushroom chicken burger with cheese.. but this one is black pepper beef burger.. huh.. terima je la apa yg ada..  the homemade patty was nice.... but my husband didn't like it.. oh ya.. they also have 500gm and 1kg patty.. if you want to try, I suggest that you come next month because the stall is PACK with crowd.. (baru keluar paper kan.. so ramai la org datang).. or you can check out the blog...

And today.. I went for shopping.. haha..not at the shopping mall..but at tupperwarebrands.. (beli barang yg dipesan oleh my aunties)..

Tak adalah banyak sangat kan? kan??.. hehe..

Ok.. ahad ni tak sabar nak pergi pesta buku.. can't wait! can't wait!

Will update on that next week..for sure!

till then..


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Menang hamper dan baucer!

Alhamdulillah.. first of all I would like to thank Majalah Rasa (Karangkraf) and Kimberly-Clark for the lovely gift. Last month I entered the Scott Towel contest and I need to create a slogan. and they picked me as one of the winners. Alhamdulillah.. I got this hamper and RM100 of Giant's voucher.. looks like I have tissue supply for the next 6 months.. hehe.. oo.. I can't wait to see my pics in the next (maybe) issue of the magazine. Thank you again to RASA and Kimberly-Clark!

the hamper and vouchers (in the envelope)

from different angle

another angle

another angle..

and another one...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My belated birthday gift..


I got this for my.. err..birthday?? It is a REALLY..REALLY..LATE birthday present.. anyway, syukur alhamdulillah...because I really want it so bad.. (nak beli new iPAD, mahal sgt la pulak, nasib baik benda ni dah turun harga, kebetulan ada Tablet Fair 2012 by Celcom tadi)... thank you to my beloved husband.. (tapi macam awak je yg byk main benda tu).. hahaha.. thank you, you so much!