Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A short trip to Cameron Highlands


On 12th and 13th May, me and my husband went to Cameron Highlands for our 'little' getaways.. haha.. We really need fresh air so bad.. and to relax.. So, enjoy the pics..

The Century Pines Resort ( we've made a reservation through . Great price! )

our room with king size bed

our room

the view from our room
After lunch, we went to Taman Agro AlMashoor

fresh strawberries

yummy.. RM2 only

Taman Agrotek MARDI. RM3 per entry


 Cameron Valley

nice view


another breathtaking view

refreshing ourselves with mint tea

The night view of the hotel

The Big Red Strawberry Farm

The Smoked House Hotel (I love the design and architecture)

BOH Tea Garden

We really enjoyed the trip.. Cameron Highlands is the best place to relax..


Hari Raya Buku (Part 2)


Sorry for the late update, friends.. hehe.. been busy.. So, regarding the KLIBF2012.. on 5th of May, I went to the event just to get the limited edition of 'Sunan Musafir'.. As expected..the crowd was super HUGE! About a thousand of people in Karangkraf's hall just to get the hot novel.. I was so lucky as I reached there early so, I was one of the earliest person who bought it.. alhamdulillah.. (penat berdiri dan bersesak selama 1 jam lebih).. I also bought some other books.. and plus the backache.. haha.. but it was worth it..

till then..

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hari Raya Buku (Part 1)

As promised, here is the update on KL International Book Fair 2012 (KLIBF2012). We (me, my husband and my lil brother) arrived at 9.30AM.. and the PWTC was almost packed.. and I was so (SUPER) excited!! I wait for this event every year.. (it's like Hari Raya for book lovers).. but I'm not satisfied with what I've bought.. hehe.. I must make another visit  (I must grab the limited edition of 'Sunan Musafir' this weekend!!! wish me luck!)

a simple performance before they open the doors to visitors

Ustaz Azhar Idrus on stage!!

what we bought..

I got this gift (thank you, PTS!)

I got lucky again! Alhamdulillah.. (thank you, again Karangkraf!)

To be week.. hehe..