Monday, July 8, 2013

Delicious! Meatball Station Plaza Shah Alam..


Oh yes! What you see are meatballs.. hehe.. Yesterday, my husband and I went to Plaza Shah Alam. My husband wanted to alter his pants.. so, while waiting for it to be done.. we decided to eat at this cafe called the Meatball Station.. I must say that the mushroom gravy was so DELICIOUS! And it is only RM5 per plate with 5 pieces of meatballs and fries... the meatballs were quite big and I don't think I can finish it if I had it myself.. It is an open cafe where you can see how they make the meatballs and other dishes.. emm, my husband said that he wanted to go to Plaza Shah Alam again tonight because he didn't satisfied with his pants.. hehe.. and that means I might have a chance to eat the meatballs again.. hehe.. oh, The Meatball Station is located at the lower ground floor of Plaza Shah Alam..

p/s: I haven't tried IKEA Meatballs but I think this one is so NICE!

till then,
love love!

p/s (2): I think my English is getting worse... it is time to do some grammar revision...


LydSunshine said...

RM5 agak murah. Plaza Shah Alam tu plaza masalam ke?

ezlinda hisam said...

Ye.. Plaza masalam.. :-)