Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shopping at Zalora


I love online shopping with Zalora. The service is fast and satisfying. I bought a birthday present for my mum recently and a purse for myself. Oh, I bought a handbag and a purse for my mum. It turned out that the purse was damaged so I return to them and their respond is very fast and guess what.. they returned back my money.. hehe.. so I bought another purse for my mum. 

This is the purse that I bought for myself. The price is RM39. For my mum, it's the same design but different in colour. I chose pink for my mum. I love this purse because it has so many slots for cards. Hehe..

If you haven't shop with ZALORA.. why don't you give it a try.. they have so much to offer..
Here is a promo code for you to start with.. ZBAPQZ69.
Just enter the code during check out, ok?.. You will get 15% off for your first purchase as a new customer.
Happy shopping! www.zalora.com.my

till then,
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~Aida@MommyJauhari'sMedina~ said...

Wow bestnya..sebba tak pernah shopping kat zalora sbb so far belum ada yg teringin nak beli kat situ..tp kalau ada disc boleh usha2 jugak nak beli ape kan..hehee

QasehnyaRania said...

mmg best shopping dgn zalora.
sy sekali je.hihi.itu pon sbb dpt voucher

ezlinda hisam said...

kalau belum pernah beli brg kat zalora, cubalah ye.. gunalah discount code yg sy bagi tu.. :-)

LydSunshine said...

Sweet sgt warnanya.