Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oats for Rice


Food again! Haha! But this time, I would like to introduce to you a healthy addition to my diet. Oats for rice! Yes, cook the oats with rice.. To be honest, I don't really like oatmeal and I have to eat them with fruits.. what if I don't have fruits to eat with oatmeal? I will vomit just because of the look of the oatmeal itself! Haha.. So, when I accidentally came across this Quaker (Oats for rice) at the supermarket, I was so happy because finally I can force myself to eat oats without depending on fruits availability in my kitchen.. hehe.. And it tastes so good! Friends, please try it.. ok? Usually, you can find it at the rice section or oats section at the supermarket..

A pack of oats for rice

How to cook it..

This is how it looks like

Later, I will post an entry about the benefits of oats..

till then,
love love..


Abil Fikri Ahmad said...

Till today I love to have my Nestum with milk!! yum yum yum..

LydSunshine said...

I would like to confess.... that i don't like to have oatmeal too. Yeah, the taste is not suit my appetite. It has sticky texture when we spoon in our mouth. *maybe the sticky thing is called gluten?* kot.

Can't wait to read ur review about this oats for rice.

QasehnyaRania said...

cepat sambung. hihi

lyn... ala, ciksu xda pat nak comfirm la kalau macam tu. skrg ni ada rasa sakit tak? atau kalau makan benda berangin sakit satu badan..

contohnya mcm ciksu sendri..pernah makan petola buat sayur tumis air je pong.. kebetulan masa tu period. bila makan je terus satu badan menggigil. mak kata belom beranak lagi dah jadi mcm tu.. badan ciksu dah berangin. tempat yg jatuh tu dah bengkak, urat bersimpul. tu sbb masa baring nak bangun jadi mcm tu..

baru ni lepas mengurut tu, teringin nk makan laksa. skali makan badan seram sejuk. telan air cap badak 3 botol. esok pagi baru kebah.. mmg serik. sbb bunga kantan kan berangin. mmg serik dah...