Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Benefits of Oats


Oats again! Hehe.. So, this is what it looks like when oats were cooked with rice.. Click here for more info on oats for rice.

Below are some of the benefits of oats.. thanks to oatsbenefits.com..

Source: http://oatsbenefits.com/oats-benefits/

1) Lowers Cholesterol – There is a soluble fiber which is present in oats and this is called as the Beta-glucans which has proved to lower the blood cholesterol which ultimately reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Studies has shown us that a bowl of oats a day reduces your cardiovascular risk by at least 10 percent.

2) Reduces high blood sugar – Oats falls under the category of low glycemic index food and since it is high in fiber content it helps to normalize blood sugar spikes and diabetes patients can certainly benefit from a breakfast of oatmeal everyday.

3) Revving up the Immune system – Oats also contains selenium and vitamin E which certainly enhances the body’s immune system response to bacterial infections and thus this makes it a perfect food for the flu season and the zinc present in oats not only aids in metabolism but also helps in healing wounds and in cell regeneration.

4) Weight Loss – The soluble fiber in oats can delay the emptying of the stomach which ultimately aids in weight loss. Since oats is low in fat content as well, it will certainly not add up to your weight.

5) Protein source – There is a higher concentration of well-balanced protein in oats compared to the other cereals and also the quality of protein found in oats is of a much superior quality to that of the proteins found in wheat. Proteins in oats helps to build, repair, maintain all body tissues and also provides necessary body energy.

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~MommyAqilMedina~ said...

Thanks dear for sharing this useful info..

LydSunshine said...

menarik ni. Rasa berminat nak cuba. Kalau nak makan oat saje, mcm tak selera. Kalo letak dlm nasik mcm ni, boleh la nasik tu cover rasa muak oat tu. Kot kan?

ezlinda hisam said...

cubalah..memang tak rasa pun oat tu.. lebih2 lg kalau dah makan dengan lauk.. :-)