Monday, December 5, 2011

things we want to do...


Our 1st wedding anniversary is just around the corner.. but, we didn't know what to do about it.. my husband is super busy.. He spent 12 hours (every weekdays) at the lab.. and it is so frustrating if he have to go there on the weekend.. At night, he will get busy again after dinner..doing some work, looking for journals..and get tired after that.. 

We certainly cannot celebrate our anniversary on the exact date because we might be busy.. attending weddings and on top of that, my brother in-law's wedding reception. Of course there are any other dates so we can just postponed it is not the same..the feeling is not there..haha.. I need to get some ideas or whatever so that we can celebrate it..just the two of us..away from anybody else.. the truth is.. I've been so tired all year long.. why? hmm..too much to discuss here..better keep it with myself..

I feel a little bit of jealous with people who can celebrate their anniversary by going on a trip or holiday.. I certainly want that but we cannot afford it at this time and also we don't have the time..

How about having dinner outside? hmm..that's another thing.. if we go for a fancy dinner.. I will get guilty.. because money is the big concern now in our lives.. cooking dinner? it is usual for me..haha..
aaahh.. how lucky everybody else are...
so, I think... we'll just stay at home..
(any brilliant ideas from you guys?)


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