Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Late dinner at the Islamic Trattoria, Bangi..


Alhamdulillah... me and my husband has been married for a year now.. We are so happy together! Alhamdulillah. I realized that we've become more closer day by day.. and I am really thankful for what we have together.. So, after my brother in-law's wedding reception last Sunday (which is 18th December, our official wedding anniversary date..another date is 11 Muharram), we went to a restaurant called Islamic Trattoria (Wadihana) at Bangi.. they served pizza and pasta.. oopss..this time no pizza.. I had pasta..hehe.. The restaurant is quite nice.. like a fine dining restaurant and owned by Muslims.. there is a variety of pizza and pasta to choose..so .. I ordered 'Alfredo' which was nice but the cream was quite heavy for me.. and of course, I shared the plate with my husband because of the price..haha.. a bit expensive, la.. and my husband didn't want to eat much..so we just ordered a pasta and a drink..

also known as Wadihana
Islamic Trattoria-the menu
restaurant view
what I'd ordered- Alfredo (RM 19.90)
Wadihana have another restaurant called the Islamic Kitchen and I heard that they served Laksa Johor..em, yummy..I must try that next time..and I also want to try their pizza.. I saw other customers with the pizza and it looks so good.. hee..
ok..that's all for now..


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