Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crazy for books!


Last Saturday, me and husband went to MAEPS Serdang.. book hunting again! hehe..this time it is the BIG BAD WOLF BOOK SALE.. I just knew about it on Friday through on our way back to my in-laws home, we managed to drop by at the sale.. it was HUGE ! we took a trem to go to the hall and the people was like thousands.. and I was like..'rambang mata' because the prices are super LOW!.. so, as we are very concern about our budget thus I have to put back some of the I just bought these:


definitely a book-aholic

bread and chicken

look at the price!
thanx for organizing this magnificent event!

ooo.. the event will end on 16th October 2011.. so friends.. grab the books while you can!
oh, I'm super excited!
can't wait to read those darlings..but I have to focus on my thesis first.. haha..
till then..

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