Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Attention to all cheesy lovers!


In order to celebrate my husband's graduation, we went to Pizza Hut and try the new Ultimate Cheesy 7.  With 7 types of cheese you may indulged in plus 3 added toppings that you may choose (optional).. It's definitely a heaven for cheesy lovers.. oh..there's also a contest that you may participate if you spend at least RM30 for the pizza.
Here's the pizza on the menu..the 7 cheeses are romano, monterey jack, parmesan, provolone, mozarella, cheddar and Philadelphia cream cheese..

You may choose the set or a'la carte (Maybankard holders get 30% off)- just like we had..hehe..

Here comes our pizza..Ultimate Cheesy 7 with chicken (and mushroom) topping. or you may choose to add pepperoni or hawaiian chicken. (add RM2, if I'm not mistaken). if you just want to taste the cheese, no need to add the toppings.. :-)

Closer look..

oh.. the white balls on top are the Philadelphia cream cheese.. look..

you may put the ball aside and dip the pizza with it...

OR.. you can spread it on your pizza (just like my husband did)..

after finished your pizza, don't forget to enter the contest..great prizes are offered!

how to enter..

For more info, go to your nearest Pizza Hut restaurants or www.pizzahut.com.my or facebook.com (search for pizza hut malaysia..great coupons are offered too).
that's all... :-)

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