Thursday, November 14, 2013




A simple word but yet so hard to implement. I admit myself that I'm not a positive person (and also very sensitive), and I'm trying so hard to be one. I always remind myself not to think negatively about something that's bothering me. Maybe it's because I've trained myself to prepare for the worse in every situations I've encountered. But I know that it makes me so called a paranoid person. 

That's why I always read motivational books especially Islamic books to make myself a better person. Even though it is hard to follow, but I will try. I just need some encouragements and supports from the people that I loved so much.

Right now, I have some big things to accomplish and  I'm also dealing with pressure from the people around me at the same time.  I don't know whether I could meet all the expectations. I feel so stressed and exhausted and my body is aching too. I'm also fighting with the negative-thinking mePlease pray for me, dear friends..

till then,
love love..


QasehnyaRania said...

in shaa ALLAH
jangan dipkir sangat pasai org sekeliling
lagi dipikir lagi runsing
take care.

*cuba cari nubians goats milk
meh baca n3 saya ni

ezlinda hisam said...

hehe.. in sha ALLAH.. Thank you.. Byk sangat 'tuntutan' sekarang ni.. tapi yang lebih buat saya risau dan berdebar is my PhD..

LydSunshine said...

Pasti semuanya akan berjaya nanti. InsyaAllah. Saya doakan awak.

ezlinda hisam said...

terima kasih.. :-)