Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy 3rd anniversary to us! (11 Muharram)


We started our 3rd wedding anniversary celebration with a simple lunch at home.. hehe.. I don't know why we didn't want to eat rice last Friday afternoon.. so we had some kiwi and keropok lekor..


Keropok lekor

So, after went back from the lab, we decided to go to IPC Mutiara Damansara for dinner.. We chose Nando's!


What we had were these..

 I had Lime herb chicken, wedges and grilled vege

My hubby had lime herb chicken and sweet potatoes

We cannot eat spicy foods or sauces so we chose these two sauces..hehe

Then, the waiter gave us a few postcards.. It is a contest! (I love it). So we just have to fill in the postcard and tell Nando's what we want to do if they gave us some money (up to RM50K, ya'll). What did I wrote? It's a secret between me and Nando's. Hehe.. If I won (in sha Allah), I will tell you what I wrote. Ok? And please pray for me.. ( I really want to win.. haha!).

And there are other postcards too.. These are different with the one above. You can claim chicken wings and cokes if you write your feelings (or secret) on the postcards.

Actually, we planned to had lunch at KL Tower (Atmosphere 360) but no seats are available for this weekend.. (I'm very disappointed), but it's ok.. maybe next time..
Want to know what we do after the dinner? Stay tuned..

p/s: Happy anniversary to my dear Cik Su ( We share the same wedding anniversary date! I hope you had a wonderful annivesary celebration too! Hugs hugs!

till then,
love love..


Time Traveller said...

Alhamdulillah moga kekal bahgia dan ceria hingga ke syurga amin :D

nuyui a.k.a miss YUI said...

moga kekal hingga jannah.. in sha ALLAH.

QasehnyaRania said...

tenkiu :-)

kita punya angan angan sama la
hajat di hati nak juga naik dinner kat ats kl tower tu.hihi

in shaa Allah kalau rezeki dah tertulis utk menang akan dpt.sama sama kita doakan

cepat up entry seterusnya :-)

ezlinda hisam said...

aamin.. terima kasih..

ezlinda hisam said...

in sha Allah..aamin..terima kasih..

ezlinda hisam said...

harap-harap dapatlah naik ye..hehe.. in sha Allah,
doakan saya menang contest Nandos tu.. :-)