Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lunch at Saba Restaurant, Jelatek


I'm so excited! Today we had our lunch at Saba Restaurant. Another Arabic cuisine. My family really like the food served here and the price is also reasonable..  It is located at Dataran Jelatek, KL. If Al-Rawsha has the best kebab, this restaurant has the best rice..

1st floor of Dataran Jelatek..

The menu..

Time to call the waiter..

Kebab in the making..

While waiting for our food I took a picture of the building..

Here they are.. Chicken Hanith with rice..

The chicken.. nice!

I don't know what it's called.. tomato plus chilli..

Our drinks..

Too much for both of us..

The tissue.. (hahhaha!)

LRT Station (Setiawangsa) just across the road..

We cannot finished our lunch so we decided to bring it home (for dinner!)..

They have delivery too..

Please try!!

The receipt..

The address:

Saba Restaurant
1-01 Dataran Jelatek,
Jalan Jelatek, Setiawangsa,
Kuala Lumpur

Or you may go to Cyberjaya..

4800 Suite 0-2, Ground Floor, Block A1, Jalan Perdana,CBD Perdana, Cyberjaya

till then,
love love!


LydSunshine said...

nasik dia setambun... harga pon reasonable jugak.

Myra Jay said...

Okla dengan harga :D

Myra Jay said...

3-4 kali dok tengok ayam ngan sos dia macam sedap je..heheee

Myra Jay said...

Dear, psl photog tu terima kasih sesangat, MJ tumpang join photog member :D