Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh Penang!


Today, I would like to share a few pics taken during our holiday at Penang earlier this year.. (Motif pergi Penang adalah untuk makan..). Enjoy.. :-)

We took the bridge to go to the island..

The famous Penang Bridge
We found this old bike at the street on our way for lunch.. Many tourist took pictures here..

My hubby on a bike
We had our lunch at Kapitan Restaurant.. they have the best Cheese Nan!

Cheese nan tandoori and Briyani in claypot
In the evening, we had Pasembor Menari at Gurney.. So delicious.. But you know what.. This cost us RM15..

Pasembor menari
Later that night, we had dinner just beside Masjid Kapitan Keling...

Masjid Kapitan Keling
The famous Nasi Kandar Beratur.. (I don't like nasi kandar but this one is delicious..the curry that we had was awesome).. oh, it OPENS AT 10.00 PM. The one that opens before that, is not Nasi Kandar Beratur.. Please don't get confused..

Nasi kandar Beratur
Here it is.. the chicken, the curry.. yummy.. makes me craving for more.. haha...

Simple but.. DELICIOUS!
oh.. we booked our hotel room (Naza Talyya Penang) through Agoda. The hotel is strategically located (Tanjung Bungah) because it is situated in between Georgetown and Batu Feringghi. Both places are the most famous tourist attractions.

View from Naza Talyya Penang
So, to end our short vacation, we went to P. Ramlee's house..

P. Ramlee's House

And we went back to the mainland by ferry..

Penang famous ferry

till then..
love love..

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