Monday, July 18, 2011

HP 7 - The best EVER..


Last Friday, me and my husband went for a movie.. guess what?? Harry Potter la... hehe.. My all time favourite!
The movie was SUPERB!! Although my husband fell asleep during the 1st quarter of the movie ( it was his bedtime actually..11.30pm), i managed to wake him up and 'rescued' him from snoring in the theater.. haha..
Me?  I was totally awake of course.. haha.. Last year i didn't have the chance to see HP7 Part 1 in the cinema.. so, that was the chance to 'balas dendam'.. hehe..
HP7 Part 2 was totally amazing and the CGIs were like real.. the last word i could say after seeing the movie was 'SATISFIED'.

p/s: kepada mereka yang selalu bertanya bila nak ada baby.. jawapan saya ialah..masih belum ada rezeki.. saya dan suami mengharapkan doa daripada kalian..terima kasih atas keprihatinan anda semua.. love you all!

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