Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SABAH - the one and only.. (DAY 2-Part 2)

Assalamualaikum semua..
It's time to continue our journey..hehe.. after sightseeing at Kinabalu Park, we went straight to Sabah Tea Garden..I bought some tea bags for my family and also Tenom's coffee.. After that, we went back to KK.. oh, singgah sekejap di pasar filipina utk beli beberapa cenderahati dan juga udang geragau..hehe.. pulang ke hotel dengan rasa penat yg agak melampau..haha.. Later that night, we had a dinner date with my best friend, Tuan Firdaus..hehe..thanx for the dinner, fidot..


tea garden

tea leaves

nice view

cantik sungai ni

on a way back to KK..noticed the mount

pasar filipin

night view from our room


foods in aqua.. (Gayang Seafood)


our dinner

fish! my fav!

thank u, fidot!

Balik hotel, kekenyangan..pengsan....
To be continued...

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