Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SABAH - the one and only.. (DAY 1)

Assalamualaikum semua!!

Tibalah masanya untuk blog ini di'update'.. hehe.. Last week, starting from 1st April to 3rd April, I went to Sabah with my beloved husband.. we had a great time but the vacation was too short! we have to cramped all the activities and sightseeing for just 1 day.. it was really exhausted and furthermore we didn't know what to buy for souveniers..haha..we kept wondering what to buy for him, what to buy for her..hihi..not only our body feels tired but our mind too... So do enjoy the first part of SABAH-THE ONE AND ONLY..

Mr Salleh and our humble luggage..hehe
 We arrived at the airport that early morning (3.30am) with sleepy mode.. hehe.. Then suddenly my stomach told me 'i'm hungry!'.. hee..we had our way to LCCT's McD.. I had pancakes..

my pancakes..yummy
So then, we checked in at 4.30am and we were told that we have to pay RM45 to put our luggage in.. what?? haha.. pura-pura terkejut.. nasib baik luggage tak berat..so, we decided to carry them ourselves..
 then we wait at the gate for boarding..
as we wait...
The gate was opened at 6.05 am, just nice after we had our Subuh prayer time.. so, we walked to the plane..

blur image..noticed the moon.. bulan sabit..

For the first hour of the flight, i fell asleep.. My husband took this couple of pics..



We arrived at Kota Kinabalu at 9.15am..

ditaja bank rakyat? hehe

We went straight to the hotel (Grand Borneo Hotel) by taxi.. (RM50 terbang..huhu)... We have to wait almost 2 hours to get our room.. (because we arrived early, of course..) but unfortunately, the room has problem with the electricity and the bed was a twin single size bed (we requested for queen/king).. so then, we waited for another hour to be transferred to a new room.. alhamdulillah, they'd upgraded our room to a bigger one.. hehe.. thank you, Grand Borneo..
the hotel lobby
key to our room
our room
our room
view from our room
view from our room
So, that evening, we rest.. Later that night, we had our dinner at Tanjung Lipat.. we ate this.. (too much for two persons..haha)

To be continued...

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