Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A one-night stay at Impiana Hotel, Ipoh


It has been a LONG time since my last post here..
I really need a FRESH START...

So.. let me tell you now that I have two daughters (already?? YES. Alhamdulillah. ).
Anyone who knew me back then know that I started this blog way before I have kids. Me and my husband waited for 3 and a half years to conceived and now ALHAMDULILLAH we are blessed with two beautiful daughters. Aisyah Raniya ( 3 years old) and Aisyah Khadijah (6 months).
Few years back  I'd blog about my 1st pregnancy. Ok. I will find some time to blog about my second pregnancy journey. In shaa Allah.

Ok. Today I would like to share with you about our short getaway at Ipoh. We hardly had time for a holiday and this is actually our first family trip together. Yes.. the four of us. 

On 1st December, we went back to our hometown at Bagan Serai.. by ETS. It was an incredible ride. Hehe. Why? Because Aisyah Khadijah didn't like cars. She will cry and struggle in car (pity me). So, a journey with ETS was a smooth journey for me because her father carried her in a carrier. So I got time to relax. Haha.. 

So, the next day we went to Ipoh. We chose Impian Hotel Ipoh. I always love Impiana because I know the rooms will be nice and the breakfast will be superb. Guess what? I am right!
I booked our room from Traveloka apps.

This is our room. 1 night stay.

The bathroom was clean.

The view from our room.

The pool. Guess who is the most happiest person. Took over the pool all by herself.

Suddenly, it was raining. So she asked for a cake. Luckily it was only RM9. Haha.. But the cake was delicious.

The next morning, we had a marvelous breakfast. Variety of foods. Yummy!

 So, that's all. My plan is to stay at Impiana KL after this. Hehe. Wish me luck to 'pujuk' my hubby.

Till then,

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