Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aroma Ikan Bakar, Pantai Jeram..


Last night, me and my husband had dinner at the Aroma Ikan Bakar.. With heavy rains along our way to Pantai Jeram, we managed to reached the restaurant at 8.45pm.. the restaurant was almost full housed but alhamdulillah.. we got a table for two.. The restaurant is nice and bamboo is part of its structure.. So, we ordered 'ikan siakap 3 rasa', 'kailan ikan masin' and butter prawn.. and also rice.. I had orange juice and my husband had watermelon juice.. The fish was quite big for the two of us (although it was the smallest among others) we had trouble to finished it.. (mengah nak habiskan.. hehe)..

view in the restaurant

restaurant view

the entrance

our food

the fish was crispy and nice (RM 34.90)

the butter prawn (6 pieces, RM 8.80) and kailan (RM 4.00) were so-so

Aroma Ikan Bakar
So, we paid RM54.10 for the dinner.. Quite expensive compared to another restaurant at Pantai Jeram which is the Medan Ikan Bakar Pantai Jeram.. I recommend you to try both.. hehe..
and thank you to my husband for the lovely evening.. love you so much!

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