Sunday, January 22, 2012



Alhamdulillah.. thanks to the government for giving us the RM200 book vouchers.. I'm so grateful! I can buy books without hesitation.. hahaha.. So, we got RM400 actually (me and my husband).. since he did not have any clue what books to buy..hihi.. it's up to me then.. oh, I'm so happy!!!

Sunday, 15 Jan, 8.30PM- Kinokuniya, KLCC

bought this at Kinokuniya (RM 59.90)
I used RM50 of the vouchers to buy this book and add RM9.90 of my own..

Thursday, 19 Jan, 8.40PM- Popular Bookstore, IPC

Total of 12 books worth EXACTLY RM150 after discount..
Surprisingly, the books I bought worth exactly RM150 (after discount!).. still can't believe it.. so, I used the RM50X3 vouchers.. yippie! I've used all my vouchers!!

Thursday, 19 Jan, 9.40PM- MPH, The Curve

bought this at MPH, The Curve (RM100)
Since, I have to decide what to do with my husband's vouchers.. hahaha.. I asked him to buy another book..(which I cannot find when I was in Popular).. so, we used RM50X2 to buy this 'Ensiklopedia Solat' ..

there.. emm.. I actually got another RM50X2.. better think where to buy the next books..

For those who did not get the vouchers, this is what they look like..

the vouchers..
Thank you, Malaysia!! Hope it will be given again next year!

(so, where should I go for my next book-shopping..?)

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