Wednesday, November 30, 2011

just like before..


It has been a busy week...and it will continue for another few weeks.. as for last year at this very moment, I was handling my own wedding..but for this's my brother in-law's wedding.. Well, I'm not handling it 100% but being a part of it, of course... the ceremonies (akad nikah & reception) were over at the bride's side so now we have to prepare for the receptions (yes, reception with the letter s) for the groom's side. We'll have 2 receptions.. the first one will be at my in-laws hometown at Bagan Serai, Perak and followed by another reception at Putrajaya.. ( just like what me and my husband had early this year).
With my masters thesis that already gave me a major plus severe headache, I have to stay positive and balancing my study and family affairs wisely.. haha.. and I also have to be more concern on my health as it has been upside down since I got married..
As for the newlyweds, Mohd Yunus and Nur Eliana, congratulations on your wedding and all the best!

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