Sunday, September 18, 2011

9 months..


Syukur Alhamdulillah.. 9 months of blissful marriage..
I'm so thankful for having a loving family, a wonderful husband and great in-laws..
May Allah always be with us and guide us..

For those who wants to get married, be prepared.. even if you know your partner for ages, when you get married, things are going to be have to know him/her from the start, all over again.. and please.. expect the unexpected..
As a wife, you have to be more patient..dealing with your work and household chores..sometimes will make you want to explode when you are tired and knowing that nobody will help you on certain things.. and things are going to get tougher when you have kids..(i don't have a child yet, but i have a gut feeling it's going to be challenging..based on my observations).

I'm so grateful for having a great husband.. Mr Mohd Salleh.. thanks for helping me and be with me.. in sad and happiness..

Remember Allah always.. and be yourself

Now, I want to concentrate on my Masters..
For those who have question(s), please ask directly to me.. i don't like people talking on my back.. haha..

until next time...

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